As the weather worsens and fair weather sailors stay at home, financially savvy seafarers should consider seasonal bargains.

After the unseasonal warmth of Autumn in the South West the weather is now on the turn – as stormy weather lashes our coastline and frostbite rallies inland it is time to hang up the oilies for winter. But before you tuck in for the season, it is the right time to take a look at the secondhand yachtsand powerboats that are for sale. You don’t need to venture out just visit where there is a great selection of boats to suit all budgets with up to 80 photos of each boat to give you an accurate description - in the comfort of your own home.

It's a buyers' market for secondhand vessels during autumn and winter. Every boat owner who has decided to sell will be keen to close the deal and avoid having to pay the costs of another winter's storage and maintenance.

Some owners will have decided to call it a day because they did not use their craft as much as they hoped during the season. Others may have just upgraded at the Southampton boat show or need cash to do so at the London boat show in January. They will want to sell their old boat as fast as they can, leaving space on their mooring for the latest model.

Spring, by contrast, is a sellers' market. Enthusiasm runs high just before the start of the boating season, but choice can be limited to those boats that did not sell in the autumn. You may find then that the most favoured models are scarce.

If you buy in the autumn, you have the benefit of the winter months to check the boat out for seaworthiness and kit it out according to your needs. You do have the cost of winter storage to consider but this can be used as a tool to negotiate a lower price. Alternatively many marinas in the Falmouth area charge on an annual basis running from April to March and buyers may be able to negotiate a deal on storage through to March 2015. Sellers tend to be aware that the market goes flat in winter so are open to discuss various options to secure a sale.

So why not check out the latest boats for sale at;